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1. What is is a self- assessment questionnaire, which provides a simple and fast way of communication between foreign vendors and US importers. Foreign vendors evaluate their security procedures by answering posed questions. To facilitate mutual understanding, the questions are provided in both English and a native language of the foreign vendor. US importers will be able to see their vendors’ answers in English, analyze them and verify vendor compliance with C-TPAT security criteria. 

2. How many questions does the questionnaire have? 

The C-TPAT self-assessment questionnaire has 71 questions. All questions are based entirely on U.S. Customs and Border Protection Minimum-Security Criteria that covers the whole range of security activities starting from business partner requirements to security training and threat awareness. 

3. Why do you have both languages on the questions screen?

We strongly believe that a dual language format will facilitate mutual understanding and make the foreign vendor feel more comfortable by answering questions written in their native language.

4. How can I get login information?

If you decide to use this questionnaire, please send us your registration information. Since the subscription is based on a prepaid basis, we will issue an invoice and send it over by e-mail. Payments may be made by company or personal check or wire transfer payable to Tarzan Co., the developer of the product. Or you can use the PayPal or Moneybookers options located on the registration screen. Once the payment has been received, you can immediately start using the questionnaire.

5. How do I know when the vendor sends me the answers?

Upon completion of their answers, the vendor will receive a unique code, which he sends to the US importer. You will receive a notification that your vendor sent you an email with the self-assessment answers along with a unique code, which you will use to retrieve the answers.

6. How do I retrieve answers?

After you log in, please proceed to “download answers”, input your unique code provided by the vendor to retrieve answers.

7. I have a vendor in a country you have no translation for yet, what should I do?

We constantly work to add new languages. Please send us a request with the language you need to add or you can ask your vendor to answer using the English only version.

8. How do I update my information?

Log in to the website and go to “update profile”.

9. May I come back to vendor’s answers again?

Yes. It is the same procedure as described in step 6.

10. I lost the unique code number, what should I do?

Please send a request to and we will help.



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