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About Us
A group of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of international trade and transportation.

Our clients have been involved in export and import operations, Customs brokerage, and freight forwarding, in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

The industries: steel and metal products; raw materials; oil and gas pipes; chemical; heavy machinery; consumer electronics; telecommunications equipment; water pumps and water meters; crafts and decorations; furniture.

Our contacts in international trade included state and private organizations and companies. We have conducted relations with US Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the US Department of Agriculture, and the US Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We maintained day-to-day operational contacts with ocean, air, rail, inland carriers, NVOOCs, warehouses, and 3PL’s all over the globe

Our language proficiencies are extensive: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese and Indonesian.
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