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Multilingual Compliance Portal / C-TPAT Risk Assessment / 10 + 2

C-TPAT Connection is the only web-based solution for gathering information on cargo security requirements for business partners around the world – in 6 languages!
Analyze and identify critical areas of your cargo security programs through a centralized location, with immediate feedback on Business Partners cargo security risk-rating – a best practice capability noted by Customs & Border Protection. Support both your C-TPAT and FAST applications and ongoing programs.

Our unique tool captures 10+2 (ISF) data elements. So whether you are an importer, carrier, Customs Broker/Freight Forwarder or 3PL, our program will support your global security requirements of Customs worldwide, as well as compliance concerns. Our team of professionals will also assist in
  • completing your C-TPAT application,
  • preparing your staff for the C-TPAT Validation or Re-Validation
  • prepare cargo security manuals.

Contact us to schedule a training session to learn how to use this system. Join the companies who are securing their supply chain through a global outreach program. Send emails via the website.

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Importer, if you would like to invite a business partner to answer C-TPAT questionnaire the following link will generate invitation in partner's native language. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Generate Invitation
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